Enjoy FoodGreek Restaurant

In our tradional Grek restaurant you will taste a wide variety of Greek cuisine. Our friendly and helpful staff is always at your disposal. We serve at the hotel as well

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Relax and get a coffeeCafe Bar  & Coctails

As the sun sets and the ambiance transforms, our café bar comes to life. Step into a lively atmosphere where you can unwind and socialize with friends and fellow guests.

Have a snack next to the Beach

Get a snak or a main courseCAFE BAR & RESTAURANT

Triton II restaurant is situated on the superb Drepano  beach. We offer excellent food variety options,. Greek Musaka, and all the traditional greek meals

Greek Musakas Triton Restaurant
Xoriatiki Greek Salad Triton Ii
Tritonii Tavern Food 2 6
Gyros Reataurant Drepano
Pasta Triton Restaurant
Makaronia Me Kima Triton Ii
Tritonii Tavern Food 3
Tritonii Tavern Drepano Bar 3
Tritonii Tavern Drepano Bar 2
Tritonii Tavern Drepano Bar 1
Tritonii Tavern Drepano 2
Tritonii Tavern Drepano
Tritonii Tavern Food Pizza3
Tritonii Tavern Food Burger6
Tritonii Tavern Food 6
Tritonii Tavern Food 5
Tritonii Tavern Food 4
Steak Food Restaurant Drepano0
Cocktail Triton Ii Bar Cafe
Woman Cocatail Triton Ii
Margarita Cocatil Triton Ii

“I experienced the fairytale vacation that I always dreamed of at triton ii, thanks to the staff and their five-star hospitality!”Thomas on TripAdvisor